Helicopter Paint Stripping Technology by Molecular-Tech Canada

EFS-2500, an environmentally friendly paint stripper, is one of our leading products that work as a earth-friendly and biodegradable helicopter paint remover. This non-toxic, ecologically safe product comes without methylene chloride, carbonic acid, formic acid and N-MP (N methyl pyrolidone).

The ingredients found in this natural and green alternative comply with the standard set by US EPA rules on emissions. The metal ingredients within the formulation are tested much below the water discharge pollutant limit set by Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). The pH has been tested between 6.5 to 8.5.

EFS-2500 formulation caters to Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Military, Marine and Building Restoration industries and finds extensive uses in aircraft and helicopter paint stripping, trains, military vehicles, boats, graffiti, dip tanks, buildings, and likewise.

Application: All metals, including aluminum, magnesium, titanium, steel, cadmium plate. Non-metals include wood, fiber-glass, gel coat, paint film, concrete, brick, plaster, ceramic, stone.

About EFS-2500 for Helicopter Paint Removal

Molecular-Tech Canada is a leading Canadian based industrial manufacturer of eco-friendly paint strippers. With over 35 years of engineering experience, we have produced one of the world's most effective helicopter paint strippers. Our product is simple the best and it works!