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EFS-2500 Product Information

EFS-2500 Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripper was developed after extensive testing on painted, exterior surfaces of commercial aircraft and military helicopters.

EFS-2500 is safe for use on all aircraft alloys, including stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, carbon steel, cadmium coated steel, and titanium. It can also be used on fibreglass and other composites however it does require very close monitoring . In addition, it fully conforms to Boeing D6-17487M specifications and the GVS & DD By-Law 164 indicate that the waste water met the requirements for discharge into storm sewers (ph 6.5 to 8.5) or municipal treatment works (ph 5.0 to 11.0) as specified in the BC Waste Management Act. (B.C. Reg. 63/88, Schedule 1.2).

A new technology, water-borne aircraft paint stripper, EFS-2500 has been designed as a replacement for hazardous methylene chloride based stripping chemicals. With no chlorinated components or carcinogens, EFS-2500 is non-acidic, non-flammable and non-hazardous; and does not cause hydrogen embrittlement while affording minimal to no air pollution potential.

EFS-2500 efficiently removes several layers of aircraft paints, consisting of epoxy primer with cross-linked polyurethane top coats, including MIL P23377 Epoxy, TTP 2760 Flexible Polyurethane; MIL C 85285 Polyurethane. EFS-2500 is also applicable to the removal of top coats containing high solid fluorides and polyurethanes. In addition EFS-2500 is very effective for the softening and removal of aircraft adhesives eg. Proseal.

Using Conventional Stripper  

Using EFS-2500     

Formulated to maximize efficiency and reduce waste, EFS-2500 works by breaking the bond between the substrate and primer. This leads to a secondary action which causes the paint to lift off the surface as a single film which includes the primer and top coat. Once the paint is lifted, it is easily removable with a rubber squeegee or high pressure water.

The stripper application is accomplished by using existing methods such as commonly used airless spray systems, immersion tanks, or dip and hang. Exhibiting excellent clinging properties to vertical and overhang surface, EFS-2500 has demonstrated long active life and slow evaporation rate, keeping the lifted paint moist and pliable for well over 24 hours. Paint lifting time can be accelerated by elevating surface temperature to 85 degrees F (29 degrees C).

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