Data sheets

Datasheet For EFS-2500

1. Code Product


2. Product Name


3. Product Description

Specially formulated for environmentally friendly paint stripper. To replace chlorinated solvent, and prevents localized breakdown of the passivating oxide film. No activated acid and no HAP. Formulation contains no Methylene Chloride, no Formic Acid, nor Carbonic Acid, and no N-MP (N methyl Pyrolidone).

4. Vehicle Type

Ethyl cellulose

5. Pigment


6. Use

Paint stripper for aerospace aircraft paint, epoxy primer, fiber glass boat, gel coat, wood, metals.

7. Product Information
Color Milky
Gloss None
Dry Films Thickness 30-40wetmil
Volume Solid 1
Immersion Corrosion No Effect
Sandwich Corrosion No Effect
Hydrogen Embrittlement No Effect
Density 1.0313 kg./lt.
PH 5.7-6
Sag 30-40mil.
Viscosity 80-100 KU @77°F

7. Product Information
Application Spray On, Brush On, Roller On
Application Temperature 39-100°F
Recommended Thinner None
Recommended Cleaning Cold Water
Lift Time Overnight
Substrate Aluminum, Magnesium,
Steel, Gel Coat, Wood

9. Dry and Handling
Dry and Handling Not Applicable

10. Storage and Handling
Packaging/Shipping Weight 1.0313kg/lt. and Container Weight
Flash Point P-M Closed 212°F
Shelf Life Manufacture Date 6 Months Subject To Inspection
Recommended Storage 39°F to 77°F

11. Preparation

Scrape the paint film off with plastic scraper or pressure wash then rinse and neutralizes with Soapy water. Separate the solid paint and residue from the liquid. Then contain the solid in a drum for disposal.

12. Application Condition

Room Temperatur

13. Application Equipment

Air spray with a wide open nozzle, brush, roller.

14. Recommended Thinning


15. Application Procedure

» Stir to uniform consistency.
» Apply a very thick wet film to 30-40mil.
» Store unused material in tightly closed containers.
» Cleaning application equipment with water.

16. Safety Precautions

» To be used by professionally trained personnel using proper safety equipment.
» Use only with adequate ventilation.
» Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided by the manufacturer.

All metals tested were well below the disposal limits set by GVRD. None of the component in this formulation appear on any of the EPA’S (Environmental Protection Agency) list of 189 HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutant) Toxic or Hazardous substances.

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