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Welcome to Molecular Tech Canada

Molecular Tech Canada is your green source for Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripper.

Founded in 1998, our team of experience and innovative chemists, have manufactured one of the world's leading products -- EFS-2500, an effective green paint removal product that delivers performance and safety.

Due to the vast changes in Environmental and Government regulations in North America and around the world, Molecular Tech Canada is committed to producing the most effective and ecologically safe products available.

For over 15 years, our goal continues to remain simple, we develop and engineer green products that work!

Product News

EFS-2500 is a industrial paint stripper that works. It is earth friendly, eco safe, non toxic, non hazardous, and biodegradable. Our formulation is methylene chloride free (dichloromethane alternative), VOC & government compliant, and is a natural safe and green alternative to conventional chemical paint removers .

EFS-2500 is especially formulated for the aerospace, aviation, marine, automotive, military (army & navy), commerical, and building restoration industries. Some industry uses include paint stripping for aircrafts, helicopters, boats, ships, ferries, military vehicles, trains, building graffiti, dip tanks, and more.

Application: all metals including aluminum, cadmium, magnesium, steel, titanium, and zinc. Ideal surfaces include brick, ceramic, concrete, fiberglass, mason, plaster, polyster, stone, wood, furniture, gelcoat, paint film, and proseal removal. For further information regarding environmentally safe stripper, see our EFS-2500 products page.

Recently, the Centers for Deiseae Crontrol and Prevention, CDC, did a report on paint stripping alternatives that do not include methylene cloride or acids. M-tc was included as a leading product and comes highly recommended. Find the article here.

Some of our Clientelle

Air Maui
BC Hydro
Derco Aerospace
Space Exploration Technologies